Kleiner Perkins Menlo Park, CA


Kleiner Perkins is a venture capital that is known for its popular company portfolio. Their company portfolio includes well-known companies such as Google, Amazon, Spotify,Peloton, Ring, Beyond Meat, and many others. Kleiner Perkins was founded in the early 1970’s. Their mission is to be the first call for founders who want to make history and to partner with them as company builders in pursuit of that goal.

They continue to develop an investment portfolio and network relationships with companies that are well-known today. Kleiner Perkins continues to invest into companies that promote sustainability and are involved in technology and life sciences. They have also increased their investment into cybersecurity and early stage companies.


  • Financial Services
  • Technology
  • Life Sciences


Ryan Panchadsaram

Advisor to the Chairman

Company Portfolio:

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